Based on years of pioneering research and development, Renovo offers various proprietary assays and applications for biological research and development, including:

Biopharmaceutical Drug Discovery

Renovo offers a combination of standardized preclinical assays and expert analyses for efficacy studies in the drug discovery phase.  RNI’s proprietary preclinical model systems are a powerful platform to identify and evaluate therapeutics to treat demyelinating diseases like Multiple Sclerosis (MS). With its specialized work force and focused expertise in reliable and reproducible results, Renovo has proven to be an ideal outsourcing partner for small, medium, and big pharmaceutical companies developing novel neuroprotective and neuroregenerative therapies. Renovo combines detailed histopathology analysis with 3D-EM to evaluate drug-induced changes in tissue and sub-cellular structures adding significant value to drug development efforts.

Biological Research & Development

In addition to preclinical models Renovo offers a range of niche services for basic biological research and development, including neurohistology and automated 3D-EM.  Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly trained personnel can process, image and analyze different tissues, cells, etc. at both light and electron microscopy levels. Renovo offers serial block face scanning electron microscopy that can generate hundreds of EM serial sections overnight at nanoscale resolution, enabling visualization of unique details of cellular and tissue structures and organelles. In addition to standard quantitative analyses we can also perform customized morphometrics of cellular organelles and structures.


RNI’s scientific team consists of highly trained personnel who excel in customizing and troubleshooting any challenges presented. Most of the team members were involved in developing the existing service offerings and therefore can customize and accommodate specific project requirements, eventually leading to a high-quality final product. Renovo’s preclinical package can be customized to evaluate different animal models, compounds, biologics, cell lines, etc., by adapting the protocols and methods to work around any project requirements, such as mode of administration, treatment cycle, etc.