3D-EM Standard & Custom Analysis

Renovo has currently developed several proprietary algorithms to quantify and compare shapes, volumes, surface area, and distribution of mitochondria, synapses and endoplasmic reticulum. Renovo offers a range of standard and custom image analysis, both quantitative and qualitative using semi-automated algorithms.


3D-EM Neuroscience Applications

  • Myelin analyses–myelin thickness (g-ratios) and internodal length of same axons
  • Axon analyses–general health and ultrastructural integrity of axons, etc
  • Mitochondria analyses–size, distribution, and volume of mitochondria, etc
  • Synapse analyses– Spine volume, shape and distribution, PSD volume and surface area etc
  • Microtubule analyses- assess integrity of axons, dendrites, and other cellular processes

3D-EM Custom Biological Applications

  • Basic/custom 3D-EM services designed specifically to meet the project requirements
  • Identify cellular and ultrastructural changes in response to gene defects, infection, inflammation and other disease processes