Image Analysis

Renovo’s Customized Digital Image Analysis Services Supports Preclinical and Clinical Studies
Over the past decade as digital image acquisition is becoming routine, associated image analysis is considered a bottleneck for scientific research and development. Renovo’s image analysis experts are focused on developing and offering novel high-throughput computer aided approaches for digital image processing and data analysis to assist histological evaluation of CNS and PNS tissues. Our algorithms feature powerful automated segmentation techniques followed by automated quantification read-outs to significantly reduce manual workload and increase throughput. Automated analysis provides the opportunity for quality control, reproducibility and robustness of data against inherent human bias from sample-to-sample and therefore leading to statistically sound results.
Nervous system diseases (central and peripheral) cover a wide range of pathological changes and evaluation of these changes are critical to obtain a comprehensive view of the disease and drug induced effects. Combining customized algorithms with scientific expertise, Renovo offers a range of image analysis services including:

  • Axon density and demyelination (MS, CMT, etc)
  • Protein aggregation (HTT, tau, beta amyloid, etc)
  • Lesion volumes (TBI, SCI, etc)
  • Stereological cell counts
  • Neuroinflammatory markers
  • Other specific markers within the CNS and PNS

Customized algorithms are designed for specific study request, taking into account the tissue type, region of interest and analysis required and the data read-outs requested.
Case Study: Manual and automated density comparison of GSTπ positive oligodendrocytes within the corpus callosum of WT and demyelinated animals.