MS Animal Models

Renovo’s Preclinical Model Systems Accelerate Drug Development for MS and other Neural Diseases

MS is a chronic inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system (CNS) with no definitive cause or cure.  The disease stems from a complex interaction between the immune system and CNS resulting in progressive destruction of oligodendrocytes and axonal demyelination. Renovo offers a portfolio of animal models that mimic the primary clinical and pathological features in MS thus providing a diverse tool kit for efficacy studies of different therapeutic and restorative approaches.

  • Remyelination
    Renovo’s modified cuprizone model shows consistent levels of axonal demyelination providing an excellent platform for qualitative and quantitative readouts of remyelination.
  • Neuroprotection
    Renovo’s cuprizone model recapitulates axonal pathological changes of MS lesions to evaluate neuroprotective therapeutics.
  • Immunomodulation
    Renovo’s MOG-EAE model induces disease as a result of T-cell response resembling a primary progressive phenotype of MS.